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Program Features

  • Improve your leadership competencies and expand your leadership capacity
  • Identify key indicators of organizational health
  • Draft an action plan to tackle organizational weaknesses and leverage opportunities
  • Learn how to lead your work team to increased productivity
  • Become a leader that attracts and inspires top performers
  • Explore techniques to apply your upgraded leadership competencies -- and make them stick

Activities to support your learning

  • Network with other top leaders
  • Daily one-on-one coaching
  • Motivational guest speakers
  • 360º feedback
  • Post-course follow-up coaching


This program is designed for executives, leaders, managers and decision-makers who are committed to maximizing their leadership impact on organizational performance.

Abundance Leadership: A journey to achieve maximum leadership impact and organizational performance

Abundance LeadershipTM

A journey to achieve maximum
leadership impact and organizational
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4-Day Immersion

January 28-31, 2013, Sugarbush Resort in Warren, Vermont
October 7-10, 2013, Napa Valley, California

Join a select group of leaders committed to achieving maximum individual and organizational performance at an engaging and challenging four-day journey set amidst natural beauty.

Your leadership behavior directly impacts your bottom line

You understand that business success depends on organizational "health," but can you identify the key characteristics that measure how your leadership behavior impacts your bottom line? Find out how your behaviors influence business success and what you can do to achieve your maximum leadership impact.

Successful companies are healthy companies:  leaders are supportive in surmounting obstacles, build commitment and enthusiasm company-wide, and see the possibilities in all situations. Our research has identified these characteristics as key indicators of Abundance Leaders. Our survey tool will evaluate you and your company on a range of characteristics, measuring the key indicators that define Abundance Leaders and identify behaviors that require attention.

Already a successful leader? The Abundance Leadership training will maximize your leadership impact. The core of our personalized approach is crafted from the insight gained from your pre-course diagnostic assessment. We compare your results to benchmark data collected from hundreds of top-level executives, identify your leadership strengths and weaknesses and evaluate your organization's health. One-on-one coaching, in addition to a variety of learning activities, will ensure integrated learning: you will be able to apply your new knowledge to real projects right away and achieve maximum leadership impact.

Learn from successful leaders

Each program incorporates a business case in its teaching. The Sugarbush program incorporates the leadership experience of John Egan, renowned mountaineer and skier, into the course learning activities. Joining our team of experienced consultants, John will talk about his experiences leading diverse teams under extreme conditions, including his personal story of attempting to summit Mt Elbrus. Trapped by a sudden storm, the expedition's tragic conclusion transformed his perspective on leadership and teamwork. John Egan is an Abundance Leader -- his leadership style embodies the key characteristics required for leaders to guide their organizations to achieve maximum performance. 

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Abundance Leadership is an innovative approach to maximizing leadership and organizational performance

Achieve maximum leadership impact and organizational performanceAbundance Leadership offers a solution to understanding how leadership behavior impacts business success. Breakthrough research by Laura Freebairn-Smith, PhD, a thought leader in organizational development, identified significant correlations between key leadership behaviors and organizational health. Pre-course diagnostics will assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses and evaluate your organization's health from the perspective of both leadership and staff. For maximum benefit, a variety of learning activities are included in the program. In addition to classroom teaching, outdoor events, practice application, and daily one-on-one expert coaching will ensure integrated learning. You will be able to apply your new knowledge to real projects right away to achieve maximum leadership impact and organizational performance. 

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